Here’s another kantang hilaw… I made this one when i was in South Korea. Parati ko tong kinakanta pero wala akong malapitan para magpaturo ng chords ng gitara…

1. My life without you was an empty life
My soul was searching for the light
My heart was longing for your Word
True happiness couldn’t be found.

2. No smile can be seen from my lonely face
Tears were flowing from my eyes
Alone in my darkest hours
Alone in my coldest nights.

Refrain: (But then/Because) you came along to me
Gave me strength
Gave me hope
Gave me the reason to live…..(and to breathe)

Chorus You taught me how to love
And showed me how to care
Showered me the gift of humility
Drew me into your presence
Made me a loving child
I was a lost sheep
But you made me HOME.

3. My life with you is a happy life
Your Word will always be my guide
My heart is richly filled with joy
I’ll be crying no more.

Repeat Refrain and Chorus

Coda: I will never be astray again
For you will always be my friend
And in my times of suffering
I will call you ‘coz you are my King…

Repeat Chorus 2x

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