Mahirap talaga yung long-distance relationship. Pero dun ako humugot ng inspirasyon para mabuo ko yung unang kantang hilaw ko sa Korea…. Syempre, para sa beb ko to…

there are times in our lives that we are far from each other
away from each loving arms
there are missing-you nights, for sure
and all i can do is cherish the moments we’ve shared
wish you were here by my side tonight
more than just your sweet voice from the other line
coz am terribly missing you baby
i miss your kisses and all of the things that you’ve got
i’m tellin’ you this

**** i’ll be loving you till the end of the time (till the end of time)
i’ll be loving you till the end of my life (i’ll be loving you)
here in my heart unconditionally
forever loving you faithfully

sometime in the future i’m going back home
surprisingly knocking you door, ohhh
and i’ll be leaving no more
coz this love and our lives will be tied and united by God
I’m tellin’ you this

(repeat ****)

Coda: no matter how far the distance
no matter how long it takes
i’ll be holding on to the promise that we’ve made

(repeat ****)

forever loving you faithfully………

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