I Won’t Say Goodbye

Posted on Agosto 28, 2009


Isa na namang kantang hilaw na nabuo sa Korea….

I. physically separated
time and distance not ours
i’ll be miles away
promise me, you’ll wait for me

II. days and nights will be colder
valentines ain’t the same
but together we can work it out

Chorus 1: for as long as the sun rises in the east
as long as the moon gives spark at night
as long as the raindrops showering the earth
as long as i’m living
and my heart’s still beating
i won’t say goodbye

III. deeper and stronger
the flame of love will be burning
and with faith and with trust
we’re gonna beat the odds

Chorus 2: for as long as the verdant mountain exists
as long as the rose keeps flowering
as long as the lil’ birds are singing in the trees
our world goes on spinning
and my heart’s still beating
i won’t say goodbye

Coda: baby, i want you to know that
i wanna grow old with you…. oohhhh

(repeat chorus 1 & 2)

i won’t say goodbye…….