Falling For A Friend

Posted on Setyembre 1, 2009


Lovers_by_thevampirejessEhemmm.. isa munang pang high school na poetry. Sensya na, naalala ko lang yung time na binigay ko to dun sa crush ko… na wala namang pinatunguhan… Awts..

  • __________________________________________________

    i never thought it would happen
    i never knew it would come
    but here it is, i can’t help it
    it really makes me feel sick.

    at first, i guessed t’was just a feeling
    of a simple friendship meaning
    but day by day, it is changing
    deeper and deeper it seems.

    on sleepless nights i am asking
    will i follow my heart’s beating?
    or let my mind handle this thing
    really am confused with this feeling.

    i don’t know what’s the reason behind
    i just felt it but i don’t know why
    you’re a bestfriend in mind
    but a girl of dreams inside.

    i tried to hide it for you might get mad
    wish i could express it— freely in-love
    yet i found myself a prisoner
    my heart was chained, my love was locked.

    i’m afraid of losing you
    for you’ve been a part of me
    someone special, a person who cares
    the gift of friendship, that’s what we share.

    will there be “us”? will there be “we”?
    will fate bind us? or friends forever be?
    but one thing’s sure, one thing’s clear
    no matter what happens, i will always be here…
    pic from deviantart.com