Bubbles And Butterflies (Or The Art of Shortlisting Our Wedding Guest List)

Posted on Setyembre 7, 2010


I guess, one of the hardest things in the long list of TO DO for a wedding is creating a guest list for the Big Day. It’s just that we want the whole world to know that we’re tying the knot, and that is the problem. We can’t invite all these people we met in life’s crossroads, for there is no place big enough to cater all of them.  Most importantly we don’t want them to witness not only the wedding, but us feeling awkward when paying the bill. Hehe.  Our wedding coordinator advised us that only those we feel significant in our journey should be there. With this on mind, my beb and I had a long night arguing of who’s who on the list. We became the attorneys of our own circle of kiths and kin.

So, here’s what we did. We marked their names as bubbles and butterflies. Bubbles are those persons whom we see reason why it’s less painful if they were not present on our wedding. Sorry guys, we still love you, but we have to trim down the number of guests. Butterflies are those closest to our hearts, persons we want to share this wonderful occasion with.

We still love bubbles...

Bubble. A high school friend who’s in Malaysia and not sure if she can afford to fly just for the wedding.

Butterfly. Our HR barkada who became our inner source of strength and happiness during our ups and downs of corporate life.

Bubble. A close relative who seems uninterested, despite few e-mail messages. We were actually planning to ask him to be our sponsor.

Butterfly. I have this policy. One member per pamilya. So I am just inviting my mom’s siblings. Bubbles. Not their spouses nor their kids. We’ll just prepare for another handaan in Batangas.

Bubble. One of our previous company’s boss. We adore and respect him so much and we even asked him to be our ninongs when we were just starting to date.

Butterflies. Of course, her Ganda Friends. Her solid clique who finds pang-alilipusta sa akin as lambing. I know, they love me naman, hehehe.

Bubble. A close friend who’s getting married also in December.

Butterflies. If she has her Ganda Friends, I have my BM Kada. It’s such a good way for a reunion also after we separated ways and had lives of our own.

Bubble. College friends who seem living in a distant planet and no way to contact them. No cp number, no Friendster, no FB

Butterflies. I came from a big family. I have 10 siblings plus their partners plus their kids to invite. You do the math and we can occupy half of the reception. So, my beb tries to send her relatives from Iloilo to Tagaytay. Hakot barangay to. Hehehe.

Blue butterflies in a wedding cake

Butterflies. Our bosses in Acabar, the only company which molded us to be professionals before working abroad. Few of them will be our ninongs and ninangs.

Butterflies. Churchmates and friends in Qatar who will spend their vacation in Pinas.

Indeed, it’s difficult to make a list, more difficult when you delete names on the list. At the end of the day, we feel we made the right decision. We know that they will understand us. It will never break the bond we had with them. Our first subo will be for these people who won’t be able to attend our wedding. Love you all.


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